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Welcome to Ladera Lending. We look forward to putting our mortgage services to work for you!

At Ladera Lending, we open doors to a wealth of personalized services. We are a mortgage company serving the needs of your family. With a warm, friendly approach, our team works side by side with you to provide financial loan options that fit your family lifestyle and budget. We rely on our rich heritage of fulfilling the American dream of homeownership.

Purchase Possibilities - Apply online. Then, your MLOPro™ will contact you promptly to discuss your options.  They will quickly determine your qualification and what payments fit your comfort zone. You can get advice and estimates of the whole picture, including tax and insurance estimates.

Refi Reality - Apply online. But, don’t walk away from your Refi Reality Check without your MLOPro™. With a few short questions regarding your goals and your current situation, we can determine if it is realistic for you to benefit from a refinance. Many people benefit from changing to a different term or from an ARM to Fixed or vice versa. Your MLOPro™ can quickly give you options or give you the peace of mind of knowing you are in the best situation. Refi Reality is FAST and EASY.  


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