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The Process

How does the process work?

  • Refi Reality - You can check real time rates right here on our website, pick the program and apply online. But, don’t walk away from your Refi Reality Check without your MLOPro™. With a few short questions regarding your goals and your current situation, we can determine if it is realistic for you to benefit from a refinance. Many people benefit from changing to a different term or from an ARM to Fixed or vice versa. Your MLOPro™ can quickly give you options or give you the peace of mind of knowing you are in the best situation. Refi Reality is FAST and EASY.  OR

  • Purchase Possibilities- You can check real time rates right here on our website, pick the program and apply online. Get an idea of what you want and then ask advice from your MLOPro™. The will quickly determines what you qualify for and what payments you are comfortable with. You can get advice and estimates of the whole picture, including tax and insurance estimates.

  • Application You can apply online (fastest!), on the phone, or in person.

  • Documentation and Disclosures- Based on your application, you will be provided a documentation checklist of what will be required to submit your loan. Your disclosures will be sent securely for your review, signatures and return.

  • Submission- Your file will be submitted to an AUS (Automated Underwriting System) to confirm your eligibility and conditional loan approval.

  • Appraisal Order- An appraiser will come to your home to determine the value.

  • Processing- Your professional Loan Processor will gather your Title Report, Mortgage Rating, Insurance and other required documents.

  • Underwriting- A human underwriter will complete verification of data entered into the AUS and issue a loan approval.

  • Loan Review- You will review your estimated closing statement and all payoffs with your MLOPro™.

  • Final Loan Docs and Funding- A notary will bring your documents to your house or place of business for signing.

  • Client for Life- Your MLOPro™ will put you in our Rate Watch database to notify you if and when it becomes beneficial to refinance. Your Personal MLOPro™ will be available any time for any mortgage related question you ever have. Special process and pricing for Client for Life members.

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